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Swidinsky, R. Symons, G. Young, M. Zietsma, D. Using existing data, the authors find that for immigrants integrating into Quebec is fairly problematic, especially for visible minorities.

Etude audioprothesiste quebec

The high unemployment rates, skill downgrading and the discrimination experienced by many visible minorities contrasts with the fact that most immigrants to Quebec are selected according to their professional qualifications and their adaptability. Of the 26, economic immigrants settling in Quebec each year, only 2, have access to labour market integration programs that are considered effective.

Three elements limit the scope of current programs. First, the fragmentation of the programs targeted at immigrants means they do not have the continuity and consistency to enable newcomers to deal with the complex task of looking for employment. Policies cannot truly achieve the goal of integrating immigrants into the labour market unless employers play their proper role. Third, budgetary constraints result in a gap between the needs expressed by immigrants and the money invested to meet those needs.

As a result, there are growing numbers of immigrants who do not have access to the type of support that would give them the best prospects of finding jobs in line with their skills.