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With the assistance of a couple of chocolate factories we gathered a huge amount of sweets, cookies, candies, lollipops and other tasty things for deaf children living in the nursing homes and having parents to care about them. Then we went on promoting the action in the streets and largest supermarkets of the city. There was a lot I knew about other people and what is more about myself.

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I learnt that it is rather easy to do something good even when people do not react. However, most of them did react properly; they surprised me displaying so much involvedness and attraction. I was full like a balloon ready to fly to the sky when people donated, and furthermore, I truly got a lot of pleasure communicating with other participants. Some of them were already well grounded in volunteering and they told me a lot of fascinating stories on how one partial heart could change critical situation to the opposite. Very soon I also became a regular participant to care about elderly people, to organize a hike for disabled children, to collect costs for hungry habitants of some Asian or African country, and to vote for some youth rights as well.

Moreover, there were a lot of actions connected with environmental problems, and I became really moved by some of them. Still, there was another aspect of volunteering I turned to know. Topics: Art Life. There are many different things can cause stress in our life.

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University is one of a stressful situation for young people due to several causes such as poor time management, peer pressure and financial problems. One of the causes of stressful university life is poor time management. Now in the university, they have to manage their time themselves. Students cannot optimize their time properly according to the university life and timetable.

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So instead they waste their times doing unnecessary things. Not just that, the differences between school timetables that is more orderly than university schedule that is more compact than usual like need to complete a range of assignments including those with various deadlines, lengths and priorities that really need a division of a good time management can cause stress to the students too. The second cause for the stressful university life is, peer pressure.

There are many students who have problems with this. When the first time they entered the university, some of students have trouble with making friends. Mingle with the wrong type of people will be give bad affects for the students. As example, you are a student who prefers to focus on the study and you do not like to go out doing unnecessarily things but you mingled with a type of friends who do not really care about the study and love to waste time doing things that are not beneficial.

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When you have to do things that you do not like, be friends with the persons that you do not enjoy to be with, all these can lead to stress. It is not just that, having problems like dealing with people among the students itself like the classmates, housemates or even relationship problems with boyfriend or girlfriends are also a normal thing that happened in the university life. If they cannot deal their problems nicely, they will get into a bigger trouble and will be stressed out.

Next, financial problems are the common problem that university students are having and the common cause for the stressful situation in university life. Besides that, they do not keep track of their money spending. As student, there are many things that needs money and they have to know how to manage their daily expenses. From food expenditure to anything that involve money.

Having problems in financial really a tough thing for students. If they do not manage to have enough money, they will feel stress and cannot focus on their study and finally their academic will decline. There is no doubt that university life really can make young people feel stress. Dracula essay themes brambor clark golder political analysis essay frq essay on russian revolution research paper on bullying and cyberbullying videos.

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