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An attempt by the UN to mediate in order to prevent a conflict or to end a conflict between two countries or between two groups within a country, peace-keeping, peace-building and peace enforcement operations are all ways in which the UN, and thus the international community, seeks to protect people from war and violence and save lives, and promote their physical security. The same is true for UN attempts to promote and support governance-building in a failed or failing state, for all UN, NGO or single country emergency and humanitarian aid programs aimed at providing food, water, shelter, basic necessities and health care, and for longer term development programs to promote sustainable agricultural and industrial development and promote more effective resource management.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights goes on to list other rights, civil rights — freedom from slavery, freedom from arbitrary arrest, the right to a speedy and fair trial, freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of the press, and the rights associated with active participation in politics.

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Moreover, issues such as human rights in China and, in particular, the civil, political, cultural and religious liberties of ethnic minorities such as Tibetans Buddhists and Uighurs Moslems and Chinese citizens in general, obviously do affect relations between China and the West. One can see this as Western concern to promote the security of basic rights in China, and to prevent the Chinese political model the one-party authoritarian state from spreading to other states as its economic influence grows along with its support for non-democratic and sometimes repressive regimes in Africa.

As a result, these questions may become the subject of disputes in international relations and ultimately the work of the International Criminal Court in prosecuting individuals, or may never be adequately addressed in an international context because a state is too powerful and can block any legal action, or because a state does not belong to the ICC, or does not agree to cooperate with it. Nevertheless, the ICC exists in order to promote respect for human rights as a legal norm towards which all states must work.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights also says everyone has a series of economic and social rights , such as the right to health care, education, the right to a job, to earn money and to an adequate standard of living although it is not clear how the international community can guarantee work!

Thus, there are UN welfare programs aimed at providing health and education security and economic security in terms of sustainable development. As we have seen, such programs, together with programs for environmental protection, are aimed at promoting future human security in social and economic terms. These are all issues that cannot be ignored at the international level and that may therefore affect diplomatic relations and security issues in the broadest sense. Some Observations. Foreign policy and domestic politics are no longer completely separate.

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This is very clear in the EU but is also of growing importance within the international community as a whole, within the UN and other international bodies or in bilateral relations. Compare that with today. The IR environment has changed, partly as a result of the much greater degree of globalized trade and technical development, but also because of the education and information revolutions. Ordinary people can monitor and participate in domestic and international relations much more, and much more easily. As we have seen, they are themselves also the subject of security questions, all those concerning the human individual and many of these are best addressed or can only be addressed now through cooperation at the international level.

Moreover, where development has failed to take place in one state and where the rule of law collapses and there is widespread human suffering this situation may endanger first local regional security and eventually international security. Security was previously thought of in terms of military and economic strength, and borders were real and protected.

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Today security is fundamentally dealt with through coordinated action on the basis of shared values and concerns e. Japanese foreign policy today compared with 80 years ago across borders and at many levels through many organizations e. Conventionally, this meant to defeat another state and impose an advantageous settlement. Iraq and Afghanistan. If so, perhaps the UN, as currently constituted on the basis of sovereign states, is out of date and even unreformable, since the subject of IR and broad security questions is now often people rather than states.

The main problem for the EU remains that of its future identity.

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Is it going to stay a group of sovereign states or will it evolve into some kind of federal union? Shared foreign policy, its latest objective, ultimately requires shared sovereignty. Of course, not all states are ready and willing to embrace these new values and this new version of IR. Thus, some states which are members of the UN and have signed the UN Charter do not actually share its values and may see it as a Western organization trying to impose Western values. So currently IR is a mix of the traditional goals and methods of foreign policy and diplomacy and the new objectives and methods which are still evolving, but perhaps evolving too slowly to keep pace with a changing world.

International relations often runs the risk of being an uneasy compromise between real idealism, wishful thinking and harsh power politics, based sometimes on interventions, which may no longer be determined simply by the material interests of nation states but by a mix of conflicting values, and sometimes on a failure to intervene Rwanda, Syria? The nation state alone is no longer able to resolve global problems through traditional negotiations and Realpolitik, but a world government based on truly shared values and with effective powers does not exist yet.

So collective security and human security remain difficult concepts, works in progress rather than a given legally-enforceable framework for international relations. Some ideas and questions to help you.

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What are the new threats? Why is the correct answer to question number one C and not A? Manet's "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe". Etichete: Manet's "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe". Course one: An overview on the peculiarities of the discourse about art. The members of the artistic discourse community share a number of features: a set of common public goals mechanisms of intercommunication mechanisms to provide information and feedback GENRES - which are specific to the common goals specific lexis discourse expertise in the specific field TASK 1 : Can you exemplify these common features: e.

What common goals do artists have? Which are the mechanisms through which they communicate among themselves? Task 2 : give some examples of how the artist may communicate a specific thing through one or more of the above features of the plastic discourse. Etichete: discourse community , formal elements , genres , nomenclatures , principles of design , processes and materials , purposes of art , specific vocabulary , styles , subject-matter , taxonomies.