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They jump and dance with beautiful states and rhythms.

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Once the cool breeze passes by, it evaporates the droplets on my boiling skin. The sexy lady passing by even pushes up the temperature of the beach. There is a smell of sunscreen pervading the atmosphere, it mixes with the evaporating sweat to be an extraordinary odor on the beach.

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The sun is setting and the birds are flying by the skyline. The sound of wave sings like my mum humming the lullaby to me, soft and cozy. All these bring into a sense of peace and harmony. My sweet dream starts. To Yo. MomGrabDaCamera link.

A descriptive essay on the beach

Akeissa Alberso. Manya Sood. Order Now We will write a custom essay describing the beach of your choice specifically for you. People from different backgrounds and races fill the Miami Beach. There are blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Indians among others.

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In most cases, such people visit the beach in pairs as husband or wife or with their children. The couples stroll the beach holding hands while others lie on the sand to enjoy the sun.

In my visit, I attended alone to have an experience of the famous Beach. The experience was out of this world as I laid down to take in the smell of the salty water feeling like a sea animal without caring about anything with the only consolation being the resonance of the rolling waves, the distance voices, and laughs and the laughter of people. During the mid-afternoon, the rays of the sun get warmer. At this time, people decide to take a dive in the ocean or stay ashore to experience the bitterness of the sticky evening air.

A descriptive essay on the beach

Without a doubt, I firmly believe that mid-afternoon is the best time to experience the relaxing, soothing and peaceful atmosphere of the beach. The best experience is walking across the beach as the grainy, slick, and brown sugar sand takes the shape of the feet while being comforted by the calm sound of the water and the rhythmic movement of the pounding sea water.

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It is difficult to ignore the fantastic experiences the beach poses. In the afternoon, the beach is silent as people rush back home or to their hotels waiting for the next day.

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A glimpse of the sand across the beach reveals how much activity took place during the day. At dawn, the sound of the waves on the dark golden sands is more pronounced than during the day before people start flocking the beach as the sun emerges rising like a yellow balloon on the distant horizon.

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My visit to the Miami Beach was exceptional as I came to realize the thrill and excitement that nature holds. The people of different origins and the colorful environment makes the beach the best place to spend a holiday. The sound of the waves and the warm sun makes the entire experience worthwhile. In the coming years and future, I plan on spending my holidays at the beach all across the world.

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