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Employee Retention Essay

Chapter 1 Introduction 1. There is fierce competition not only in the industry but also across categories. This new liberalized cutting edge technology driven environment has made employee retention mind-boggling. However all corporations not only in IT sector but also traditional. Objective Of The Project. I will discuss topics such as employee retention, employee performance management, employee training and development, outsourcing and termination of services.

I will also include a recommendation based from the research provided. All the human resource activities are dependent on the cost-benefit analysis whereby the employment and retentions of the employees ought to be conducted if it has some benefit to the entire organization Dessler.


Learning objectives- Effectively their new employee orientation and training can pay big dividends in employee retention, employee engagement, corporate culture and customer satisfaction. Worth just to start taking customer service training. Employees who received the right customer training and welcomed at the beginning of his career on the choice of employer feel a good feeling to serve, pass quickly with colleagues and peers, and easy to carry new ideas.

Employee Retention: Employees subject to an employer restructuring process may become stressed or distrustful of their employer, its management and their coworkers. Restructuring may cause sudden departures of coworkers and management. Human Resources Management is responsible for convincing remaining employees to stay with the organization.

Employee retention efforts may include bonuses, employee training, internal promotion opportunities and improving workplace policies and procedures. Literature Review Employee retention Employee retention has become a serious and confusing problem for all types of organizations.

Employee Retention

Managing retention and keeping the turnover rate below target and industry norms is one of the most challenging issues that face businesses. From all indications, the issue will compound in the future, even as economic conditions change. Employee retention will continue to be an important issue for most job group in the first decade of the 21st century. In hospitality. Employee Retention and Turnover Employee retention could be described as the efforts by any business or organization to develop strategies and initiatives that support current staff into remaining with the organization.

Satisfied employees bring innovative ideas spurring growth for companies. Without a content and motivated workforce companies face stagnation and are at risk of being out-performed by their competitors. In the modern workplace employers must invest in more than just salary to ensure employee satisfaction and retention, studies show that. Abstract Effective employee retention is a systematic effort by employers to create and foster an environment that encourages current employees to remain employed by having policies and practices in place that address their diverse needs.

These practices are used to prevent valuable employees from leaving their jobs. How to retain valuable employees is one of the biggest problem that plague organizations in the competitive marketplace. Nowadays, employee retention is the most critical issue facing. I certify that all the material in. Smart business knows customer loyalty, employee retention, profit and sales are essential to their success. Many research has shown the relationship between employee satisfaction equates to a company success. Thus, in finding what makes a happy employee will encourage and motivate them for forge forward.

It makes sense, right? In I certify that all. The second pillar, destination healthcare employer, aims at recruiting high performers and improving employee retention. The current rate of turnover at Tuality is high compared to other Portland Metro counterparts and training is expensive. Other plans for retention include providing a market competitive wage and benefits package. Training Managers to Improve Employee Retention The goal of virtually every business operating today is essentially the same: to make money.

When it comes to the fine art of turning a profit, there are as many different factors that influence whether or not a company makes money as there are ways to make it. All successful companies begin by hiring people who best fit the position, and in the modern-day world of business, a considerable amount of time, effort, or money is invested in this endeavor. Thesis Statement Research indicates that employers can increase employee retention, increase employee productivity, and reduce employee healthcare costs by implementing a workplace wellness program.

Introduction America has a bleak outlook towards the costs associated with employee turnover, productivity decline, and increased employee healthcare costs due to chronic health care conditions. The cost of healthcare is increasing, and employers typically bear the brunt of these costs. Week 3 reading was related to motivation theories and explained the employee motivation affects on employee retention. Reading, examines how developing and implementing employee retention practices create a competitive advantage.

This reading provides a connection between the effective employee retention practices and motivation theories as well as how these efforts serve as a strategy to increasing organizational performance. Also, making the case for financial importance in maintaining such. Employee Turnover an Observation When discussing employee turnover and retention the immediate reaction is to view turnover as a negative and retention as a positive.

Psychologists have been researching and documenting their findings on the subject for over 50 years, mostly focusing on why people leave organizations Staw, , p. Whatever the reason be, high turnover. The study intends to establish.

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Analysis Employee Turnover Employee turnover is a ratio comparison of the number of. The way information is circulated regarding the process of succession, plays a very important role in how the employees will perceive these changes and how they will react to them, which in turn will affect their job outcomes.

For this. Managing Employee Retention and Turnover Employee retention has always been an important focus for human resource managers. Once a company has invested time and money to recruit and train a good employee, it is in their own best interest to retain that employee, to further develop and motivate him so that he continues to provide value to the organization. But, employers must also recognize and tend to what is in the best interest of their employees, if they intend to keep them.

When a company. Issues such as conflict resolution is a major facet in employee satisfaction It is very important to try and ensure that the time employees are spending at work is both fruitful for the organization, as well as conducive to the staffs mental health.

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Employee satisfaction is undoubtedly the best predictor of employee retention. A job environment consisting of good working relationships usually fosters employee satisfaction. Make employees feel valued. Employees will go the extra mile if they feel responsible for the results of their work, have a sense of worth in their jobs, believe their jobs make good use of their skills, and receive recognition for their contributions Levoy.

Employees should be rewarded at a high level to motivate even higher performance. The use of cash payouts could be used for on-the-spot recognition. These rewards have terrific motivational power, especially when given as soon as possible after the achievement. Even something as simple as a free lunch can go a long way towards making employees feel valued. Listen to employees and ask for their input as to what rewards might work best at your organization. Conduct meetings and surveys to enable employees to share their input Branham. This could be in the form of offering nontraditional work schedules such as a compressed work week, telecommuting, and flextime or extra holidays.

When work-life balance is structured properly, both the employee and employer come out ahead. For example, the employer will experience more productivity in the workplace because employees will be less stressed, healthier, and thus, more productive Wingfield. Foster trust and confidence in senior leaders. Develop strong relationships with employees from the start to build trust Stolz, Employees have to believe that upper management is competent and that the organization will be successful.

An employer has to be able to inspire this confidence and make decisions that reinforce it. An employer cannot say one thing and do another. In addition, employers need to engage and inspire employees by enacting policies that show they trust them, such as getting rid of authoritarian style of management Branham. According to Mike Foster, founder and CEO of the Foster Institute, in order to foster an environment that motivates and stimulates employees, managers need to incorporate motivation-building practices into their corporate culture.

These practices include listening to employees and respecting their opinions, basing rewards on performance, and being available to them for everything from listening to their ideas and concerns to assisting them with their career advancement. Employees need to feel valued and appreciated, be given feedback, provided with growth opportunities, be given work-life balance options, and have trust and confidence in their leaders Branham. All of these retention strategies are beneficial when an employer wants to keep employees within an organization and keep costs of turnover low.

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