The boy in the striped pajamas theme essay

This is partly because David Thewlis plays him so warmly, emphasising this true-to-life complexity. In my research, I came to learn that my character was very much based on fact How can I apply those characteristics? How do you get your mind set into that?

It was lying around at home, on my kitchen table, and I had some neighbours over. Who was he? Why was he dying?

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas- Critical Analysis

Was he sick? No way can I find it in myself to justify or forgive, obviously. They were human beings. And there are people out there today that are just like him. This is why films like this are so important. We must never forget what horrendous evil Hitler unleashed. Neither must we forget that it was ordinary people who became caught up in his genocide machine.

The power of his rhetoric and personality, coming at just the opportune time in German history, won the nation to his cause. Ordinary people became mass murderers. Ordinary people looked the other way while it happened. It was easier to believe the propaganda, to go with the flow and keep quiet than to stand up and face the consequences. It is, of course, easy to understand why people were afraid to voice opposition when to do so could lead to a labour camp. Dachau was, after all, established as early as for political prisoners.

We do not know how we would have acted if we had been there.

by John Boyne

Nevertheless, we must say that fear does not excuse inaction. Ordinary people still allow themselves to be swept along by evil men, not thinking, not questioning and not challenging what is happening. Given the easy-come, easy-go morality of contemporary western society, this is terrifying. While it is traumatic, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is also a story of hope.

While everyone else fails to looks beyond their prejudices, Bruno reaches out to the boy he is told should be his enemy. He identifies with Schmuel, recognising that they are no different. He comes to understand that Pavel is a good man, not potato-peeling vermin. This refusal to accept distinctions between human beings as equal is vital. Show related SlideShares at end.

Looking Beyond the Fences

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Maria Lin. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Boy in the striped pyjamas: synopsis and themes 1. However, when he notices that a garden gate has been left open, he begins a journey that will ultimately end in tragedy. He is pale and dishevelled; his head is shaved. Synopsis Continued Despite the fence and all that it represents, the two boys become great friends, their relationship running in stark contrast to what is going on between the adults in their lives.

Their friendship is strong, and even survives a moment of betrayal which, although played out between children, echoes the bigger picture of the camp. Producers often use a book as a springboard for a movie idea or to earn a specific rating. Because of this, a movie may differ from the novel. To better understand how this book and the movie differ, compare the book review with Plugged In's movie review for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

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Winner of various Irish children's book awards.

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Pro-social Content. Objectionable Content. Summary Advisory. Plot Summary The story is told from the viewpoint of a 9-year-old German boy named Bruno. Christian Beliefs None. Other Belief Systems When Bruno asks his father about the people outside his window the prisoners at Auschwitz , his father says that they aren't people at all.

Authority Roles Bruno is not allowed to question his parents or the decision to move to Out-With, but once, in an outburst, he tells his father how awful he thinks it is. Credits Rating. Readability Age Range 12 and up. Genre Historical. Author John Boyne. Record Label.


On Video. Year Published Awards Winner of various Irish children's book awards.